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dW Briar Bowls for Kirsten Pipes

I have recently begun making large and extra large briar freehand and classic bowls for Kirsten pipes. Large sized bowl chambers measure approximately .95” ID at the rim and taper to .56”. Extra large bowls measure approximately 1.16” ID at the rim and taper to .66”. These bowls will be drilled to use a customer’s Kirsten bowl adapter cup and screw or for no adapter with customer’s screw. These bowls will not be supplied with the aluminum adapter cup or screws unless I am able to find a source for them.

Bowl Prices
   Plateau Rim (Lg/Ex Lg) $59/$64  (may have Vertical or flame Grain)
   Classic Bowl Prices (Lg/Ex Lg) $49/$54  (may have vertical, Flame or Cross Grain)
For Sandblasting or Rustication Add $10

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contact: don@dwpipes.com